Why choose us?

With over 20 years of combined experience in the fields of NLP and business – we can enable you (or your team) to grow in such a way that using the knowledge will become second nature to you.

Many training firms can provide skills-based training and yet so many people we speak to have experienced being sent on trainings (or their staff doing likewise) and seldom using what they have learned.

We understand the differences that allow people to tap in to what they have learned and actually apply it. So we teach you the skills and also the factors that may previously have prevented you from using what you have learned. In doing so, we offer real value for money, together with ongoing support for your personal development.

We are an open and approachable team with a belief in integrity. If you have questions before joining our training, then we can chat things through with you either by e-mail, phone or video link to ensure you are comfortable as you move through your journey with us.

If additional coaching needs are highlighted at any stage, we can also offer 1-2-1 support for you, or your staff.

We value a sense of fun in what we do and want you to enjoy your time with us - who would have thought that learning can be fun too !

During all our NLP training you will have the opportunity to do exercises with others on the course to practice the skills, so you leave knowing that you can use them appropriately.