Just want to compliment Nigel on delivering the course. He's an excellent educator and communicator and really appreciate his time and commitment to the group.

"Thank you very much for your business coaching and development services.

I found the sessions enlightening and they have proved very useful. The goal setting exercises have been to particularly valuable.

Thank you once again and I look forward to working with you in the future."

Peter L.

"The last 2 days NLP training have been inspirational!"

Steve B.

Hi Nigel,

Thanks to a very insightful intro to NLP - we have started 'stating things as we want it' and 'acting as if.......'!

I tried mirroring someone on the train yesterday (without looking directly at them) it was amazing!!

It was awesome meeting you too. Have a brilliant weekend.

I'm so excited! I have booked myself on the NLP practitioner 5 day course. I simply can't wait to get started.

"I was petrified of having to deliver a speech to 350 accountants, but after just 1 short session with Chris I was ready to go. The one thing I never expected was how well it would be received, I had people coming up to me afterwards congratulating me on a magnificent presentation.

I know this wouldn't of happened without that coaching session!"

Nicholas T.

"Chris really cuts through all of the clutter and gets to the heart of the problem. No nonsense coaching"

Bob W.

"I have had the full Business Coach/Life coach service provided by Nigel and it is one of the best things I have ever done. I wish I had done this much earlier in my life. If you are the owner of a business and want to look at how to improve yourself and your business then I would highly recommend you contact Nigel. If you are not a business owner, but want some answers to questions about decisions you have made in your life then contact Nigel. Everyone should have this kind of coaching. I was very skeptical about 'coaching' prior to meeting Nigel and starting the course. I am not now, in fact I have members of staff being coached by Nigel as well."

M. Jordan - Director

"I had a problem with panic attacks and constantly worrying about everthing and anything. The treatment used by Nigel was Time Line Therapy and it worked. The perpetual worry has gone after one treatment (4 hours). Other issues were dealt with as well, but I am free from the worry. I would certainly ask for more help from Nigel in the future and would recommend him for treatment on phobias and stress. I have not had a panic attack since."

R.T. - Sutton, Surrey.

"Hi Nigel,

It's Kelly from the workshop at the weekend. You spent some time with me dealing with some issues.

I hope you don't mind me contacting you. I googled you and found your website and email address (I should be a detective!).

I wanted to contact you to tell you I am so grateful that it was you that helped me, given your similar past experience! Your understanding and patience allowed me to relax and complete the exercise and now I am massivly reaping the benefits!

After I left the course on Sunday I still felt abit unsure but I think I was more in shock about the whole weekend and what I felt like I had acheived. Throughout Monday I was thrown a lot of challenges that would normally of caused anxiety and negative feelings but I was suprised at how none of it bothered me. As the day went on I learnt more and more about how good I feel and by the evening I felt so disconnected with dance as if it was a past life.

Last night I had the most peaceful sleep I have had in years and woke up today feeling excited about the next phase of my life and confident of the choices I will make. Dance doesn't define me anymore and now I can effectively pay attention to the things I really love in my life.

Thank you again Nigel.

Kind regards


Kelly had to give up her dance career, due to spinal surgery - hence the mention of dance in her message.

..... Of course you can use this as a testimonial! Hopefully it will prompt more people to make the change in their lives.

Thank you again and keep doing what you are doing...you are very good at it!"

"Hi Nigel,

Finally my testimonial, thank you so much for everything you helped transform my life!

"I opted for a breakthrough session after having a great consultation with Nigel. My life was spiralling out of control with work, a breakdown of my relationship & a severe lack of confidence. He explained the whole session and how it could improve my life. After some home-work and 6 hours of therapy facing some of my demons, I can honestly say I feel like a new person. I am genuinely happy, something I haven't felt in years, confident and ready to move forward in life. I am off the tablets (anti-depressants) and feeling good about things. I would recommend working with Nigel if you want to work with a genuine person who WILL transform your life!!!"

Keizsha A. - Mitcham, Surrey.

"Nigel Horwood is very professional and thorough. He helped me with some old blocks which were preventing me from achieving my full potential. He was particularly helpful in helping me to restore my confidence in singing.

I found him very understanding and we achieved a great deal in one day. Very worthwhile session. I would recommend Nigel."

Pauline Rose - Worcester Park, Surrey.

"Chris has been one of several factors in my life since October of 2009 which has influenced hugely the direction of my life and business. His style is good-humoured and self-effacing, yet subtly effective.

Keep up the good work, Chris"

Barrie N.

"Since working with Chris my business has grown 50% and I now have a work life balance!"

Mark R. - Midas Investment